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Youth In Transition’s journey began in 2014, in response to the high numbers of young people suffering with anxiety and depression and the shocking fact that New Zealand has the highest rates of youth suicide in the developed world. More children and young people than ever before were reaching out for help and for those taking this brave step, help was very challenging to find.   

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What People Say

I’m still kind of in disbelief at how lucky I’ve been to connect with Tina and everyone at Youth In Transition. Before then I had very little social contact with peers and had major social anxiety around this. Over time, thankfully I’ve been able to push through it. They don’t give up on me, regardless of how bad or stuck I feel and how long I feel this way. They ‘hold the hope’ for me when I can’t do it myself.


They have continuity of care and don’t just stop seeing you once you’re deemed to be lower risk, it also helps that the staff turnover is low or nearly nil. They really listen and don’t judge and help you find your strengths. We have groups with our peers who have the same issues, and I feel this is VERY powerful because acceptance and validation are just so important for younger people.


I’m not sure I would be alive without Youth in Transition because everyone else had given up on me. I feel like they genuinely care and want what’s
best for me and they will go out of their way to help me, and try things outside of the medical model. They definitely offer a holistic service which also incorporates teaching life skills that support mental and physical wellbeing over the long term, and in developing protective factors.


You helped me through a really difficult time of my life and I just wanted to thank you.You gave me hope.  Thank you for time, love and support it was life-changing. Because of how you helped me and what you have taught me I’m now able to help so many other young girls who are struggling like I was, so thank you so much. I appreciate all you did for me with the love you did it with and for always believing in


This has been life changing. Thank you for allowing me to be part of such an “awesome” programme. I can see my life so differently now and have learnt far healthier ways of coping and dealing with my emotions.


This programme truly has merit in reducing the number of young lives here in NZ being diminished or wasted and easing the pain and suffering for so many whose lives are affected by anxiety/depression.

Susan Mchugh, Clinical Psychologist

Thank you for giving me my son back. He is now at University, something I would never have thought possible. We are both so thankful for all the skills he has learnt in the group which he has taught me allowing us to have a far better Father /son relationship.

Tina is more than a Counsellor to my children, she is a mentor, confidante and a champion for them. She does an incredible amount for them, including introducing my son to a retired builder, who lets him share his workshop and teaches him. I am in effect a solo Dad and I couldn’t do it on my own. I am so thankful that Tina and her team are there for my Family.

Albert, Father.

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