New Car Donated

Last week, Tina our Executive Director was presented with the wonderful gift of a BRAND NEW CAR for Youth In Transition

Here is Wayne Scholtz, representing Nomads Golf Club Inc., about to present Tina Jones with Youth In Transition’s Shiny New MG EXCITE complete with signwriting proudly sporting our YIT logo! Along with our benefactors Nomads golf logo.

What a totally awesome gift from an awesome group, we are thrilled beyond words.Nomads Golf Club Inc. is a unique group of community-minded golfers, promoting the game of golf and the fellowship it bestows, bringing people together, creating friendships, exercise and wellbeing. WIN WIN!In addition, Nomads are a non-profit organisation, holding annual Charity Golf Days, and donating proceeds to their chosen charities. LIKE OURS!

This new car and all it represents brings a smile to Tina every time she hops in. The feeling of gratitude resides in this car and is a wonderful and enduring reminder of the beautiful community spirit which brought this special car to Youth In Transition.