LifeKeepers National Suicide Prevention Awards.

We are delighted to announce that our Director Tina Jones was nominated by the Waitemata DHB and has been awarded for her outstanding contribution to suicide prevention in our community

Tina is a recipient for the 2020 LifeKeepers National Suicide Prevention Awards. In the video you will hear her share more with us about her work in preventing suicide amongst youth and supporting families bereaved by suicide. Tina is someone who daily exhibits kindness, generosity, love for others, patience, belief in her cause and selfless devotion. She is a true
champion for others.

On a daily basis she assists others in navigating difficult circumstances
and does this with care and total commitment. Young people are fed, cared for and counselled towards a better life and future. Tina ensures young people not only stay alive, but are looking towards a future worth living. Tina is a ‘person of hope’ who demonstrates daily a committed and passionate heart for all that she brings to the lives of others!

Tina, we recognise your passion for suicide prevention and your commitment to creating communities which support young people to flourish and thrive. Thank you for all that you

Checkout the video here