Pressing the Right Buttons – Allison Mooney

Allison Mooney award winning speaker and author speaker presented to a number of the young people and adults on May 23 delivering her keynote address on Pressing the Right Buttons. We learnt that there are four predominant personalities that we are born with in our DNA and we will invariably be one of them or a blend of two. Using humour and life stories Allison (Allie) brought a heart-warming and practical seminar to us and left us with a greater understanding of each other. We now have greater skills to communicate and understand each other with a deeper wisdom to understand our differences.  We are particularly grateful to Allie giving us her time and experience 

One thought on “Pressing the Right Buttons – Allison Mooney

  1. Allie Mooney says:

    I loved presenting at Youth in Transition. Parents, Youth, Counsellors and Volunteers came together for a night of celebrating our differences. YIT are doing an amazing work. Thankyou for the invitation.

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