Heart Math – Wayne Neal

At one of our Wednesday night meetings Wayne Neal visited the young adults and some of the parents attending and shared with us his exciting discoveries around the subject of heart math. Wayne has had a lifelong fascination for people and what drives behaviour, coupled with the belief that nothing works long term unless you put peoples’ needs first. Respect, compassion, authenticity, transparency, courage and alignment of personal values are key drivers in getting the most from life and people. With this in mind Wayne launched his business of Business Energetics Ltd. The focus of Business Energetics is expanding human awareness and potential which is where he discovered HeartMath. HeartMath is recognised for their published clinical research and evidence based stress and resilience solutions. In short research demonstrates that there are times when we experience high stress due to words and situations we go through and whilst we may appear to be externally ok, our internal thoughts and feelings can be responding incredibly differently. During Wayne’s visit to Youth in Transition he physically demonstrated how significantly our hearts can respond to stress and circumstance in a short space of time. It was also interesting how long it can take for that stress to subside after an incident we may experience. Thanks to Wayne for a truly enlightening evening and practically showing us how we can