Merry Christmas from Youth in Transition 2018

Youth In Transition wants to say THANK YOU for your involvement in the Trust whether in the way of physical help, monetary support or simply showing an interest. Thank you for helping to make a tangible difference in young peoples lives. This and future newsletters aim to keep you up to date with our activities and progress.

Youth In Transition’s journey began in 2014, in response to the high numbers of young people suffering with anxiety and depression, and the shocking fact that New Zealand has the highest rates of youth suicide in the developed world. More children and young people than ever before were reaching out for help and for those taking this brave step, help was very challenging to find. Since then we’ve helped hundreds of local youth find their way back to a life worth living.How we do what we do:We work with each young person to develop their individual ‘Journey Back to Awesome’ plan.

The 5 key components shown here complement each other to provide holistic, wrap-around support designed to help at-risk young people find and strengthen their own resources, so they can work towards leading a full and meaningful life.

The YIT crew
Sadly, on the 25th September 2018, we lost our Chairman Nigel Rigg after his long battle against cancer. Nigel was so much more than our Chair – he was our beloved friend, tireless champion and humble benefactor.  We are deeply honoured that Nigel was such a big part of Youth In Transition and gave so much of his time to help vulnerable young people turn their life around.
Nigel was a man of substance and his tremendous courage to face any challenge made him a formidable presence, which will be sorely missed. He lived and breathed his passions, and we at Youth In Transition feel very privileged to have been one of them.  Our young people drew great strength from Nigel; here was a man fighting for his life whilst they wanted to give up theirs. It is through his dedication and commitment, that we have been able to help hundreds of local youth.

Nigel leaves an amazing legacy –  we remember him with immense gratitude and are determined the incredible work he has started, will live on.
Sharing One Young Man’s Story

Joe is a young man who has been on his own personal journey with Youth In Transition. To protect him, his name and identifying information has been changed. 

It takes a village to raise and nurture a young person – regardless of upbringing and personal circumstances – and our tailored programme can help them to see their lives as worth living again.

Joe came to the programme when he was 19. Raised in several foster homes, he self-harmed and used alcohol to numb himself – often in an effort to escape from night terrors and a relentless barrage of negative thoughts.Late one evening the police picked Joe up, took him to hospital for his own protection and contacted us. Joe had reached a point where he felt he just could no longer go on, where he did not find anything in his life worthwhile, enjoyable or even remotely interesting. He felt friendless and extremely lonely.

Over the next two years, the team here at Youth In Transition wrapped services and loving care around Joe. He responded well to a combination of talking therapy with his counsellor, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, group therapy and mentoring. To help him through times when he could not be with someone, we introduced Joe to web and phone app-based programmes, which also helped ease his fear of going to sleep.

Working with the team at Youth In Transition and a local youth-friendly GP, and with help from the Rodney Mental Health Services and the local police, Joe was gradually able to get his life back – a life that most certainly would otherwise have been lost.
New Website Launched!
Youth In Transition is extremely fortunate to have had the professional services of Verum Digital to coordinate the design, development and recent launch of our new website. We are so very grateful for their sterling job, above and beyond, to get this completed for our September deadline. Our sincere thanks go to all at Verum Digital, Jouveer Naidoo, and especially to Grayson Nipper, for the many extra hours they dedicated to make this happen. We are thrilled to see everyone’s hard work culminate in a website that we are proud to share with our supporters, funders and community. Check it out here  
Support Us
We currently have 125 young people under our care. We rely on community funding to continue to provide our service.  Now is a great time to make a special end-of-year donation of $20, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford, to help us help even more young people. Donate through our website.

Youth In Transition will be closed over the holidays from
22nd December 2018 – 14th January 2019.