Meeting with Whangaparaoa Police

Youth in Transition had the privilege of meeting recently with police from the local Whangaparaoa branch. The aim of this meeting was to share experiences of our work relating to youth in our community, to see where we were already successfully working together, and to see what we would could be doing better.


This was of great benefit for us all as the Police are dealing with a great number of young people struggling with mental health issues. The purpose of the meeting was to ensure we are all providing the best level of care and treatment for our young people and their families in our community.


We appreciated hearing what the police had to say about some problem areas in our community, such as issues with anxiety and substance abuse. It was also helpful for the police to learn about some of the life skills we teach to our young people who are participants of our programme “The Journey Back to Awesome”. Additionally, we were very fortunate to be joined by Julia Nevill, a life coach and brain development presenter, who talked about what happens in a teenage brain, and how at that time in our lives, we are thinking and reacting very differently to adult brains.


We had a lot of fun teaching our police colleagues about sensory modulation, which involved using a range of calming tools and techniques such as essential oils, a singing bowl and having a cuddle with our weighted sensory dog George!


We were very grateful to the police for taking time out of their busy day to spend time with us. The more education and skills we spread, the more we can begin to tackle the huge issue of mental illness. We hope to continue these meetings for the benefit of our young people and to help them get back into a life worth living.

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