Guest speaker: Jimi Hunt

We were privileged to have Jimi Hunt as a guest speaker for us in June 2017. Jimi is known for ‘lilo-ing down the Waikato River to raise awareness of depression’, creating ‘the worlds biggest waterslide’ and for his inspiring charity called Live More Awesome. Jimi works tirelessly to inspire others who are struggling with their mental health, through innovative ideas such as his free mental health reset programmes and his general holistic, no bullsh*t approach to life and wellbeing. We were inspired to hear the way he has been able to move from the deep throes of his depression, overpowering it and going on to help so many other people do the same, while continuing to work hard every day towards mental wellness, because as we all know there is no simple fix, and EVERYONE has to work towards maintaining their mental health! Some of the simplest things we gained from Jimi included the importance of purpose, daily exercise, drinking lots of water and gratitude! Prior to having Jimi speak, we were very lucky to have a donation of his gratitude journals, and we also all received an autographed copy of his latest book, A guide to Live More Awesome! We love Jimi’s down to earth, no nonsense attitude and we were all so grateful to hear him speak and gain some of his wisdom!  To find out more about Jimi visit him here: